Pace sticks and Drill canes

Pace sticks and drill canes are made to the highest standards and finished in a high lacquer. Colours, rosewood, black and light Oak from 36 to 44". Custom orders available upon request minimum 6, however we do carry a limited inventory of Pace sticks and drill canes in 37" only.


Pace sticks, drill canes sizes 36" to 44"
Military white leather sword belts
Canadian infantry
Custom designed rings
Scottish Clan rings
Heraldic rings
Canadian Military Police items
Royal Marines Commando, Brit Para rings
Regimental Colours, Guidons and Standards
Hand embroidered badges. Coats of Arms
Pipe Banners (bagpipe)
Design and Fashion house services
RAF Sqd crests 355-356-357-358-359
RCAF Sqd Crests 419-424 etc
Blazer badges
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Heraldic flags, gonfannons, etc
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Coats of Arms
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For your convenience we accept business and personal cheques. Credit cards are accepted through PayPal only. . . . . Please email your order or request for quote and we will submit an invoice that can be paid online. Thank you. Sheila.

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The badges, crests and insignia of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are copyright and/or trade-mark protected. In accordance with Chapter 6, paragraph 58 of CFP A-AD-200-000/AG-000 "The Heritage Structure of the Canadian Forces" only a Commanding Officer may authorize reproduction of the formation or unit's official badge. Additionally, under the authority detailed in Part 10-4 of the Personnel Support Programs Policy Manual, a Branch, Regimental or Group Fund may establish a kit shop to offer specialized merchandise to the Branch, Regiment or Fund. Therefore, unless an order is accompanied by a signed letter from a unit Commanding Officer or a member of the senior executive of a Branch, Regimental or Group Fund (or their respective delegated authorities) it will not be processed.

Sheba Imports Imports wishes it be known that DND items displayed on our website were commissioned by the relevant kit shop or unit and they are displayed to show the quality and range of our services and products, these are not held in stock, but are individually commissioned items

*Please note:- That transportation costs, duties/taxes may be applicable on certain goods arriving in the destination country. Sheba Imports does not set, nor does it control duties or other fee's. It is therefore clearly understood these costs are the sole responsibility of the purchaser/importer.



Brief bio: on Sheba Imports
Sheba Imports has been supplying kit shops and individuals with blazer badges, crests, patches and other fine hand embroidered regalia items on the internet (online) since 1998, and we are one of Canada's leading suppliers. Our Machine and hand embroidered blazer badges and patches (bullion wire) are of the highest quality and detail, one reason is that we have used the same embroiderer since 1998 and our in house graphics dept creates accurate artwork for all of our badges, rings etc. No order is too large or too small whether hand embroidered family crests (coat of arms) to machine embroidered military badges for individuals, Police forces, Legions, Fire services (Fighters), colleges, corporations, associations, universities, schools, golf and country clubs.

We contract our own swords, complete with Canadian devices/etchings to the blade, and would be pleased to quote on any commemorative swords you have in mind. From sword belts to Pace sticks and drill canes, heraldic flags, gonfalons, gonfannons and standards, our Heraldic embroideries are among the finest offered anywhere. I am proud that Sheba Imports is an authorized supplier of military regalia to the Armed Forces around the world. See our military rings. Our series of Scottish Clan rings and Clan Jewelry covers bonnet badges to kilt pins, pendants to brooches and our Heraldic rings (Coat of Arms or Family crests) are made to your custom design in silver or gold. Please take the time to look around my website and if you have any questions, please email me. Thank you, Sheila A Bawden.

Member Royal Heraldic Society Canada and the American Heraldry Society and links to Burkes peerage.

We supply nylon digitally printed flags for all occasions from desk flags to full size as well as hand embroidered ceremonial flags, standards, pipe banners and guidons. We will work with you in designing something entirely new. Please email or call for further information. 

Personal arms, military, police, cadet

Ontario regiment pipe banner Bagpipe banners


Custom made flags, guidons, gonfalons, gonfannons, hanging banners and *Pipe banners made to your design. We will work with to design a personal flag, cadet or association flags as well as regimental pipe banners and other regalia.

*All pipe banners are hand embroidered.

Port Perry pipe banner
British Veteran pin
British Veteran


Commissioned lapel pins, badges and challenge coins

Coins and lapel pins


Standards, Colours, Guidons,
Gonfalons, Gonfannons.

Specialized hand embroidered flags and regalia. We offer double sided hand embroidered ceremonial flags on one piece of material as opposed to two layers sewn back to back, Sample shown above.

Custom made military rings

Canadian military rings in stainless steel, silver and gold (10 or 14ct) These rings are custom designed specifically for your regiment or unit. We also produce Royal Marines Commando rings, British Parachute regiment as well as US Special Forces.




Brass buttons.


Brass buttons

We provide brass buttons (quantities only).


Drum Major Baldrics custom
made, hand embroidered

Drum Majors baldrics

Sheba Imports is proud to display a reciprocal link to Burkes Peerage and register of Arms

Drill canes with regimental or unit crest/cypher

Examples of custom made drill canes with the regimental devices raised, or they can be engraved as required. These items can be ordered individually and are priced affordably. Great retirement or presentation gifts. Please note the drill canes shown below are the property of the Canadian Military Police and can only be purchased through their kitshop.

Military drill canes

Bagpipe banners

Sheba Imports


Hand embroidered commissioned pipe banners

Pipe banners

Purveyor of fine Heraldic and regalia items to premier regiments worldwide. Blazer badges/patches, swords, Pace sticks, drill canes, sword belts, challenge coins and military rings, Scottish Clan and Heraldic rings, flags, gonfannons, Pipe banners, Canadian Provost Corps badges and flags etc.

P.O. Box 814 Lambeth Stn,
London, Ontario,
N6P 1R2 Canada.

Telephone (519) 652-8333
Hours are 10:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs
We are closed Saturday and Sunday plus all Public holidays

*Please note:- Transportation costs, duties/taxes may be applicable on certain goods arriving in the destination country. Sheba Imports does not set, nor does it control duties or other fee's. It is therefore clearly understood these costs are the sole responsibility of the purchaser/importer.


Metal badges

We supply metal badges as shown and metal cap badges to suit the client. Please note that the badge below is shown as an example of our work and is the property of the client (CFMP kitshop).

MP retirement badge

British Veteran pin
British Veteran

Sheba Imports military and police regalia
Member (25 years)
Canadian Corps of Commissionaires. Retired CWO after 40 years in uniform.