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Berrisford Coat of Arms
This site is dedicated to Mr Harold Berrisford. A true friend. 1923 - 2002

To those brave men and women, who stood against tyranny and came home to make this country great. We owe each and every one of them a debt we can never repay......It is because of Human Beings with such bravery, that our Flag still flies for Freedom and Justice.....May God Bless them all

Harold taken at the Commando Memorial Achnaccary where he was a graduate of the training camp in 1942. Taken August 2001


First, may we take a moment to correct a common myth? There is no such thing as a "Family Crest" or "Family Coat of Arms" The Coat of Arms that bears your name was bestowed upon one individual and to that individual alone. The more correct name is Armorial bearings, or Coat of Arms. The Crest is an appendage or subsidiary part, mounted on the helm (the blue dragon and broken lance in the Armorial bearing/Coat of Arms below is a crest).

The Ancient name of Berrisford, like many other names from Britain, appears under varying spellings. We have chosen this particular spelling to illustrate the stages required to produce a finely detailed bullion (fine silks, gold & silver wire) Coat of Arms.Stage 1. Based upon the client's information, we proceed with the research in order to find the appropriate armorial bearing, although it should be understood that they were bestowed upon one individual, and to that individual alone. Stage 2. The finished, full colour artwork is then presented and approved by the client before we proceed to the next stage.Stage 3. Finally the artwork is given to our embroiderers and the finished article (Blazer badge or Family Coat of Arms) is completed. Time frame approximately 8 to 10 weeks

Blazer badges without mantling begin at $24.95

Family Coat of Arms (made to order only) in bullion, are available in the following sizes (suitable for framing).

5"X 7" $59.00 US.
8"X 11" $99.00 US.
11"X 14" $129.00 US.
11"X 20"$299.95 US.
Artwork can be provided for $45.00

(To visit our Blazer badge site click here)

Coat of Arms 8" X 11" $99.00

Please note:- This is an artists rendering. We do not supply frames. (created with Paintshop Pro)

Berrisford Coat of Arms ring

If you require information about obtaining bullion badges (including Family Coat of Arms), please address your inquiries to:-
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Lambeth, Ontario,
Canada, N6P 1R2.
Telephone (519) 652-8333
Fax (519) 652-1219

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