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is proud to offer this exclusive © British Parachute regt ring
The British Parachute regiment ring in silver
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3 sides of Parachute regiment ring

Owing to the recent sharp rise in gold prices, we are forced to increase the prices for our gold rings.

Sterling silver $350.00 US
10ct and 14ct gold, please email for surrent price.

All prices are plus shipping. Please send your postal or zip code for shipping costs..

The ring is made with a filled in back behind the stone and in Sterling silver weighs approximately 12.2 grams.
Sheba Imports has been designing rings and badges for over 10 years and will work with you to design an exclusive and affordable ring for your regiment or unit. Please contact either Rod or Sheba Imports for further information. Sheila.
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To order we require the following information:-
(1) Proof of service in The Parachute Regiment. This will be held in the strictest confidence. Sorry, but without this we cannot sell you the ring!
(2) Size. If you are not sure, any good jeweller can measure it for you. Please ask for the wide band ring sizer.
(3) Choice:- Sterling silver, 10ct gold or 14ct gold.
(4) Choice of stone. Faceted or Cabochon and colour for Battalion.
(5) Please provide your Regimental number or dedication, we will engrave up to 20 letters for FREE

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This ring was designed exclusively for ex and serving members of "The British Parachute Regiment". Airborne, Para's, only.
16 Air Assault Brigade ring
New design bearing the 16 Air Assault Brigade device

"I would just like to endorse our support for the Para ring design by Rodney Spinks and confirm that there is a demand for this design within the PRA (Parachute Regimental Association) regular battalions and the wider Airborne community. Our American colleagues have had all sorts of college styled rings for years. The British military, especially the Paras have longed for a British equivalent and I for one would purchase a gold version of Rods design, as would a couple of my members, we hope you can help Rodney with this and bring the ring to fruition after a long wait!"
Bob Crocker,
Aberdeen Branch Chairman