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Etching on presentation British Infantry sword (pattern 1897) designed and supplied to the RHLI for their 150th anniversary.


The Windsor (style) sword was designed by Wilkinson as a presentation/ceremonial sword, this one was designed and supplied to Edmonton Pipes and Drums for their 50th Anniversary and the accompanying miniature sword letter opener (below). These can be modified to suit your specific needs (Please note:- quantity orders only).



Etching to the blade of the Canadian Infantry officers sword (pattern 1897).
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The British Infantry officers sword (pattern 1897) was designed by Henry Wilkinson and has remained the primary sword for Commonwealth Infantry officers over the intervening years. The blade is described as being 32½ inches (830 mm) long and 1 inch (25 mm) wide at the shoulder, with the complete sword weighing between 1 lb 12oz and 1 lb 13 oz (794-822g).

The blade is straight with a deep central fuller on each side, with the blade becoming double edged towards the tip, and the last 17 inches (430 mm) were sharpened when on active service. The blade ends in a sharp spear point.

The blade is usually etched on both sides with battle honours or similar military/regimental devices.

The guard is a three-quarter basket of pressed, plated steel. It is decorated with a pierced scroll-work pattern and (usually, see variation, below) had the royal cypher of the reigning monarch set over the lower knuckle bow (E11R).

The grip, between 5 and 5 ¾ inches (127-146mm) long to suit the hand of the owner, was generally covered in ray or sharkskin and wrapped with German-silver wire. The grip is straight, with no offset to the blade.

The sword shows a number of features that indicate it was intended as a thrusting weapon. The spear point and double edge towards the point aids penetration and withdrawal by incising the wound edges. The blade, while quite narrow, is thick and its dumbbell section gives it strength while maintaining robustness in bending for the parry. The blade tapers in both width and thickness and, with the substantial guard, has a hilt-biased balance, aiding agility at the expense of concussive force in a cut. The guard would give comprehensive protection to the hand, but does not restrict wrist movement. The length of the double edge, at 17 inches (430 mm), is quite significant, suggesting that some cutting capability was maintained.

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We offer an in house design facility for creating anniversary or commemorative swords. If you have a commemorative event coming up in the future and would like a quote for the complete package from design to delivery, please contact us for prices (quantity orders only). Here are some swords we have supplied recently for various associations and regiments etc.