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Barr Highland style
Beliveau European style

Gallahad Germanic style
Hand embroidered Canadian Coat of Arms

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Purveyor of Fine Heraldic items

We design and produce Heraldic items, from hand embroidered Coats of Arms, to Scottish Clan and Heraldic rings. If you are looking for a unique item that symbolizes your family heritage, then allow us to create that exclusive family heirloom. The process begins with research of the appropriate name and from there the fine detailing is carried out by hand. In the case of hand embroidered Coats of Arms, precise attention has to be paid, not only to the Heraldic symbolism appearing on the escutcheon or shield, but also to the colours used. In the case of jewelry we produce a template which is used to make the impression for the wax mold. Sheila.

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Heraldic Coats of Arms are made to order only and are available in the following sizes (suitable for framing).
5"X 7" $39.00 US.
8"X 11" $69.00 US.
11"X 14" $99.00 US.
11"X 20" at $110.00 US.
Blazer badges start at $19.95 US.

Artwork can be provided in gif or jpeg format (full colour), but there is a flat rate of $45.00 per hour. Minimum 1 hour.

Custom sizes are available upon request.
Please visit our Wedding Coats of Arms site.
Proviso:- Please be advised that Coats of Arms are granted to one individual and to that individual alone. Coats of Arms are not bestowed upon a surname, "Sheba Imports" does not infer or imply that by supplying any Coat of arms, it is authorizing the right to display them for any purpose other than private and/or personal use. The misuse of another person's Coat of arms may be subject to legal action by the rightful owner, his representatives, or the Heraldic authorities.