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Sheba Imports for custom designed rings

*Please note:- That transportation costs, duties/taxes may be applicable on certain goods arriving in the destination country. Sheba Imports does not set, nor does it control duties or other fee's. It is therefore clearly understood these costs are the sole responsibility of the purchaser/importer.

Why buy an "off the shelf" ring, that everyone else is wearing when Sheba Imports will custom make one for you. (NO ARTWORK, or MOLD CHARGES) We make single or multiples rings for the MILITARY, SCHOOLS, UNIVERSITIES, COLLEGES, CORPORATIONS and individuals and offer generous discounts for multiple orders. All of our rings are made to order only and be advised that many of the rings shown below are exclusive to and commissioned by the client, with their authority too use any of their copyrighted images/logos etc.

No order is too big or to small! You provide us with the design you want and we do the rest.
Remember we make the product the client wants.

We offer a free dedication inside the band. Please allow approximately 8 to 10 weeks to complete your order and bear in mind that some designs may add 14 days to the completion date.

it is important when comparing our rings to other makers, that you know the finished weight and size. Most of the rings (in silver), weigh approximately 12.5 to 15 grams (with and without stone), depending upon the size. The oval faced rings (immediately below) are 18mm top to bottom and 17 mm wide.

If you have a deadline, please let us know prior to placing your order.
Thank you. Sheila.





The badges, crests and insignia of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are copyright and/or trade-mark protected. In accordance with Chapter 6, paragraph 58 of CFP A-AD-200-000/AG-000 "The Heritage Structure of the Canadian Forces" only a Commanding Officer may authorize reproduction of the formation or unit's official badge. Additionally, under the authority detailed in Part 10-4 of the Personnel Support Programs Policy Manual, a Branch, Regimental or Group Fund may establish a kit shop to offer specialized merchandise to the Branch, Regiment or Fund. Therefore, unless an order is accompanied by a signed letter from a unit Commanding Officer or a member of the senior executive of a Branch, Regimental or Group Fund (or their respective delegated authorities) it will not be processed.

Sheba Imports Imports wishes it be known that the items displayed on our website are for the sole purpose of showing the quality and range of our services and are not held in stock, but are individually commissioned items or may be purchased through the appropriate kit shop.

PLEASE NOTE:- in order for us to give you a firm price, please email and state silver, 10ct gold or 14ct and the size of ring. DUE TO THE CURRENT EXCHANGE RATE CDN VIS A VIS USD ALL PRICES ARE IN US DOLLARS.


Blues and Royals

New CAR ring

Side and front, reverse has Pegasus

SAR Tech with service years

SAS regiment ring
Custom design

One side of ring

New Parachute regiment ring

SOCOM ring in gold

New Canadian MP ring

Canadian Military Police
(Red stone) Other stones available.
Custom Military Police ring

Commissioned ring CMP

Custom US Police ring
Royal Canadian Mounted Police ring

RCMP ring

Custom "Bull" ring
RCMP Very large

Custom RCMP Auxillary

Canadian Flight Engineers
CWO Air Force ring
CWO Air Force ring
RCAF ring
RCAF ring
Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa ring
Cameron Highlanders (Ottawa)
Afghanistan ROTO ring
CWO Afghanistan ROTO ring
Governor General Horse Guards ring
Commissioned RSM GGHG

Submariners ring in gold
RCHA ring
RCHA ring with birth stone
The Royal Canadian regiment RSM ring
Commissioned ring RSM
"The RCR"
48th Highlanders
The 48th Highlanders

Canadian Forces Logistics ring

US Coastguard ring

Our exclusive
Canadian Airborne ring

Fourth Royal Tank Regt

RC Sigs ring with stone.
Dates on shoulders for
service years.

RCN Gun team custom ring

Queens Own Rifles of Canada
Navy CIC fficers ring
CIC (Cadet) Navy ring
Elgin regiment ring
Elgin Regiment

BC Correctional services
BC Correctional services

Armoured ring

Armoured regt

Maltese Police Officers ring
Elgin regt with armour shank
The Elgin regt. Armoured fist on shank
RN Aircraft handlers ring
408 Squadron ring
408 Squadron ring.
All Squadrons available
US Army ring

US Army ring with coloured enamels
USSF ring

USSF ring. For sale only to serving and ex-members
The Royal Anglian regiment

Anglian regiment ring
Royal Military Police

British Military Police ring
Dutch Kommando ring

Dutch Kommando ring
Canadian Fisheries

Canadian Oceans and Fisheries ring

Cadet ring showing service history
Chapter 57 USSF
Commissioned ring for Chapter 57 USSF. Only for sale through the unit

Esprit de Corps
Custom design
Canadian Parachute Company ring
Canadian Parachute Company
Airborne forces ring
Airborne Forces ring
Christian fish symbol
html by "Shebameister"
Member of the I.P.A

*Please note:- Sheba Imports bears no responsibility for any transportation costs, duties or tariffs that may be applicable in the destination country

IPA lapel pin British veterans pin
Member I.P.A and British
Veteran owned website

IPA lapel pin British veterans pin
Member I.P.A and British
Veteran owned website