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Over the years we have been commissioned to produce various flags, standards etc; for regiments, families, police forces, companies and associations. We offer highly detailed (custom made) Heraldic flags, Gonfalons, Gonfanons and Standards. In some cases (applique) each piece is individually applied to the surface of the flag, then the detail and highlights are embroidered onto the material. This means that a full achievement of arms, or any design can be faithfully recreated. These unique works of art are outstanding for regimental colours, personal Coats of Arms, corporate head office, or Mediaeval and Military re-enactment groups. Please send size required and an idea of the design for a price quote. Thank you, Sheila

Types of flags available:-

Gonfalon:- In the middle ages this name applied more to the small pennon or pennant suspended immediately beneath the steel head of a knight's lance. Its most common usage today is ecclesiastical, after Pope Paul III in 1545 (d. 1549) of the house of Farnese appointed his illegitimate son Peter Louis Duke of Parma and "Standard bearer of the Church" (Gonfaloniere della Chiesa). The gonfalon's primary characteristic is that it is flown from a horizontal bar, usually supported by a vertical upright.

Gonfanon:- Flown from a vertical staff and has tails that fly. The difference between a gonfanon with long tails and a standard is that a gonfanon displays the device on the non-tailed area, and the standard displays badges down the entire length of the flag.

Standard:- This is probably the greatest of the medieval flags and was the rallying point for troops in battle. It did not necessarily indicate presence of the person leading the troops, but rather the office or Head Quarters of the leader. In Mediaeval times, these were roughly 7 to 8 feet long.

Regimental colours, Guidons or Police flags:-








3rd York Militia reproduction flag of 1812



Detail on the historical 3rd Militia York flag









Based upon extensive research on the original flag, we were commissioned to produce this faithful reproduction of the 3rd York Militia Regimental Colours, circa 1812. The original flag was hand made for the regiment by members of the Womens auxillary and actually flown by the 3rd York Militia at Detroit during the War of 1812. The original currently resides in the City of Toronto and the above reproduction is displayed at York Regional Police HQ.


Centre of Kangaroo guidon



Guidon commissioned for the Kangaroo regiment and presented by Lord Elgin in St Thomas Ontario











Police flag, commissioned by Chatham Kent Police Services










Personal standards














Custom made flags, guidons, gonfalons, gonfannons, hanging banners and *Pipe banners made to your design. We will work with to design a personal flag, cadet or association flags as well as regimental pipe banners and other regalia.

*All pipe banners are hand embroidered.


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Ontario regiment pipe banner