Have you been granted a Coat of Arms, or are you thinking of applying for one? Allow us to offer our services to reproduce your achievement of arms in a full colour badge or crest, (also made in sizes suitable for framing), or perhaps we can make you a flag, standard, gonfannon or gonfalon? Have your personal Coat of Arms created in a gold or silver ring. We offer a one on one service and no artwork is ever sold or reproduced without the express permission of the authorized owner.

Please note:- All of the items displayed below cannot reproduced without the consent of the authorized owner

Personal blazer crests

Corporate Coats of Arms

Corporate and personal flags

Commissioned item in gold wire
and coloured threads.

Wedding Coats of Arms (flags, banners etc)

Pipe banners, standards and flags

Preferred methods of payment

We accept personal
and business checks.
All prices in US dollars.

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"Sheba Imports" bears no responsibility for legal INFRINGEMENTS.
"Sheba Imports" assumes the customer has permission to use all designs asked to be reproduced on their products.
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*Please note:- Sheba Imports bears no responsibility for any transportation costs,
duties or tariffs that may be applicable in the destination country
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