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Purveyor of fine Heraldic and regalia items to premier regiments worldwide. Blazer badges/patches, swords, Pace sticks, sword belts, challenge
coins and military rings, Scottish Clan and Heraldic rings, flags, gonfannons, Pipe banners, Canadian Provost Corps badges and flags etc.

We offer the finest hand made Pace sticks and regimental drill canes capped with 25mm rounds and casings in brass or chrome finish, colours black, rosewood and light oak.

The Pace sticks come with with individual case/cover and solid brass fittings, including a plate for engraving name rank etc. These are lightweight and slim, known as the "Racer" and are used in Pace stick competitions by premier regiments in the UK and around the Commonwealth. Available in sizes 36" through to 44" in 4 colours. Please note that we do carry limited inventory of Pace sticks size 37" and Drill canes in size 36". For other sizes we can only accept orders of ½ dozen (6) lots. Please go to the bottom of the page for information on the origin and use of the Pace stick.

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Pace stick colours

Colours available are Rosewood, Medium Oak, light Oak and Black. Please note that the Medium Oak is a special order item


Pace sticks come in their individual nylon case with Velcro fastener, they also have a brass plate on the inside of the leg for the owner to engrave his/her name etc.


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An interesting postscript to the origin and use of the pace stick.

Like many military traditions and items, there are varying interpretations of how they came about, not the least of which is the invention and use of the Pace Stick, with claims ranging from the Roman Legions through to the Artillery. in this case there is a credible claim on the part of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, who initially used what was called "a gunner's stick" to measure the distance between guns placed in the field. It was more like a walking stick, with an ivory or silver knob on the end, and, unlike the modern pace stick, could only be opened to a fixed distance. It was quickly adopted and adapted by the Infantry as an aid to drill.

A similar stick is the drill cane or regimental stick. This is a shorter cane, usually fitted on one end by a shell casing and on the other by the forward part of a shell, complete with the bullet; these are often chromed, or left in their natural brass, but highly polished. In the Canadian Forces, the round usually used is a 50mm round. They are carried on parade solely as an indicator of rank and authority by senior non-commissioned officers and warrant officers, and their use is generally governed (or restricted altogether) by the sergeant-major.

Pace sticks can be opened and locked by means of the brass screw, to specific distances, which each measurement being for a specific purpose:
*12"=distance between heels when at ease, and regulation side pace
*21"=distance between ranks when stood in closed order
*24"=distance between files, also width of one 'man' when leaving a blank file.
*27"=stepping short, inside rank when wheeling
*30"=regulation pace for quick and slow march
*33"=stepping out, outside rank when wheeling
*40"=regulation pace for double time.

Drill canes are made to the same exacting standards as the manufacturer of our Pace sticks and finished to the same high quality (colours are the same). The drill canes are 37" in length and are also available as those shown below, capped with a 25 mm casings available in either brass or chrome finish. Please note that we now carry limited inventory of Pace sticks and Drill canes in size 37".