Pipe banners and Scottish Clan items
At Sheba Imports we are ever mindful of the fact that the items (badges, rings, Coats of Arms etc) we are asked to produce are very often a lasting legacy of the customer’s military service, family or regimental history etc, and that the finished work must be the finest and most accurate representation. In order to achieve this we may at our discretion research and redraft your artwork (free of charge) and send those changes to you for final approval prior to scheduling the work. If we do, this could delay the time for completion.
Drum Majors Baldric for the Royal 22nd Regt (The Vandoos)
( Army Cadets London Ontario
The Pipe Banner displayed above, was commissioned by Capt Greenshields, CO of Number 9 Army Cadets, London Ontario. Permission to use the Clan Graham badge was authorized by the His Grace the 8th Duke of Montrose, Chief of the Clan Graham.

We supply custom made badges, pipe banners, Scottish Clan and heraldic rings in silver and gold.
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We will custom make hand embroidered Drum Majors sashes (Baldric's) to your design. Please email for quote. Sheila.
Clan Graham ring on Gothic shank. Available in Sterling silver, 10 and 14 ct gold. Please note that because of the increase in gold prices, email for a current quote. Thank you. All Clans available.
Above are the hand embroidered personal Arms of the Chief, (not for resale). These were designed and supplied by Sheba Imports and presented to the 8th Duke of Montrose, Chief of the Clan Graham.
Pipe banner
Ontario Regt Pipe banner
Presentation of the Ontario Regt Pipe banner
The Army Cadet League of Canada commissioned a pipe banner for the Ontario Regiment (Cadets) this was presented by the Lt Governor of the Province of Ontario, the Rt Honourable David Onley
Winnipeg Highland Cadet pipe banner
Pipe banner of the Winnipeg Highland Cadets
48th Highlanders pipe banner
The Pipe banner of the 48th Highlanders
Heraldic standards and flags
Commissioned Heraldic standards, gonfalon, flags, banners.