Rankin Coat of Arms

First, may we take a moment to dispel a common myth? There is no such thing as a "Family Crest" or "Family Coat of Arms" The coat of arms that bears your name was bestowed upon a family, but to one individual and to that individual alone. The more correct name is Armorial bearings, or Coat of Arms. The Crest is an appendage or subsidiary part, mounted on the helm or helmet (the Lance in the Armorial bearing/Coat of Arms below is a crest). In the case of Scottish Clans or names, only the Laird of a Clan is entitled to wear the Clan Coat of Arms, all others are either members of the Clan or members of a Sept (a family owing allegiance to the Clan) and therefore wear the Clan badge (belt and buckle style)

We have chosen the Rankin Coat of Arms as an example of the stages required to produce a handmade finely detailed bullion (fine silks, gold & silver wire) Coat of Arms. 

Stage 1. Based upon the client's information, we proceed with the research in order to find the appropriate armorial bearing.

Stage 2. The full colour artwork is presented to the client and approved before we proceed to the next stage.

Stage 3. Finally the artwork is given to our embroiderers and the finished article (Blazer badge or Coat of Arms) is completed. Time frame approximately 8 to 10 weeks.



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Blazer badge $19.95

Coats of Arms (made to order only) in bullion are
available in the following sizes (suitable for framing).
5"X 7" $39.00.
8"X 11" $69.00.
11"X 14" $99.00.
11"X 20" $110.00.

Blazer badges start at $19.95

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Coat of Arms 8" X 11" $69.00

Please note:- This is an artists rendering.
We do not supply frames. (created with Paintshop Pro)

Artwork for Coats of Arms and badges can be
provided for $45.00 per hour minimum 1 hour.

If you require information about obtaining bullion items (including Coats of Arms), please address your inquiries to:-
"Sheba Imports"
P.O.Box 814,
Lambeth, Ontario,
Canada, N6P 1R2.
Telephone (519) 652-2961
Fax (519) 652-1219

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