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We are authorized suppliers of bullion and other regalia items to regiments, Associations, Colleges and Universities etc on 3 continents. Also authorized suppliers of Solingen swords. Infantry, Naval, Highland regts.


Cast in 10ct or 14ct gold, bearing the famous "Fairbairn Sykes" Commando dagger, highlighted in dark green. Prices begin in 10ct $725.00 US. 14ct gold $825.00 US. Shipping extra.

Blazer badge in coloured threads or 
gold bullion $19.95 US, plus postage

The Royal Marines:- On the 28th day of October 1664, following a second outbreak of war with the Dutch, the (British) Privy Council ordered that a regiment should be raised to fight them at sea. It would initially consist of 1200 men and would be called the Duke of York and Albany's Maritime Regiment of Foot.

With the war at an end, Britain now found itself part of a coalition force fighting France and Spain. To a Naval power such as Britain, Gibraltar was of vital strategic importance. Set at the gateway to the Mediterannean, who-ever held Gibraltar, essentially controlled all maritime flow in and out of that land locked sea. On the 21st of July in 1704, a force of 1,900 Marines landed along with 400 Dutch Marines and forced the garrison into surrender. The Marines further enhanced their reputation for toughness by defending their positions over a 9 month siege. These actions are commemorated by the word "Gibraltar" being the only battle honour worn on the Royal Marines badge and their colours.


In June of 1940, a minute sent from Prime Minister Winston S Churchill to the Chiefs of Staff stated:- "We ought to have a Corps of at least 5,000 parachute troops. I hear something is being done already to form such a Corps, but only, I believe, on a very small scale. Advantage must be taken of the summer to train these forces who can none the less play their part meanwhile as shock troops in home defence. Pray let me have a note from the War Office on this subject." 22nd June 1940

A central landing school for parachute and glider training was established at Manchester's civil airport, Ringway, and by the 21st of September 1941, twenty-one officers and 321 other ranks were accepted for parachute training.

Blazer badge $19.95 US.


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