Thumbnails of blazer badges, patches and crests

Over the years we find it increasingly more difficult to find some of the older badges. With countries downsizing their Military units, many of the crests and badges are becoming harder to find. At Sheba Imports we are trying to obtain pictures and information so that we can maintain a large archive of crests. Below are several examples from among the many thousands we have re-created over the years. Our unique service allows for a one on one working relationship. If you require special assistance with research, artwork etc, please email, fax, or phone. Sheila. "Sheba Imports"

Calcutta Light Horse

MN Canada

Royal Army 
Ordinance Corps

British MN

Ist Polish Armoured Div:

RN Commando

USN Officers blazer badge

Clan Lindsay

408 Squadron

CDN Fleet Air Arm

Canadian Engineers

Royal Artillery

Black Watch

327th Infantry
"The Bastogne Bulldogs."

Clan Macduff

The Dambuster's


Devon and Dorset Regt



Polish 2nd Korps

Clan Robertson

Presentation to the City of London.

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