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USSF ring SF ring US special forces ring

Above are actual wax castings of the USSF ring. For units looking for a unique design that will only be used by them, please contact us for group discounts (6 plus). Remember with Sheba Imports you do not pay for molds or artwork.

US Special Operations blazer badge/patch
We also supply fine gold wire, hand embroidered badges/patches of the United States Special Operations units. All badges are custom made to order only. Please email for a quote. We can also supply to your specifications in single iems or multiples. Discount offered for multiple orders.
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Official supplier of the "Support the troops" pin below.
Military Police support the troops lapel pin
We support the troops fighting the war against terrorism. God Bless you all and come home safe. From the staff at Sheba Imports.

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Sheba Imports is proud to offer their exclusive ring, dedicated to ex and serving members of the United States Special Forces.

Working with a retired SF Col of the Vietnam era, we created this exclusive design featuring the Coat of Arms or crest of the Special forces and the SPECIAL FORCES AIRBORNE badge on one shank and the recognized badge of the USSF DE OPPRESSO LIBER on the other.

The history of the US Special forces goes back to World War Two with the OSS and the Jedburgh/Sussex Teams who operated behind enemy lines in France and other parts of Europe. From North Africa to the Pacific these brave units fought and trained members of the resistance, to free Europe from Nazi control and the world from fascism and brutality. This proud tradition has carried forward to this day, as many SF personnel silently and without recognition, carry out their role in bringing freedom to the oppressed. Names like Darby, Donovan through to Beckwith leave a lasting legacy of what it means to be among the very best. When we cast the first ring, we also made a promise that like our rings dedicated to ex and serving members of the Royal Marines Commando and the British Parachute regiment, we would do our best to ensure that this ring was kept exclusively for ex and serving members of the USSF only. If we are in doubt, the information can be forwarded to the US Special Forces Association for verification and clearance.

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